King of The Monsters: Junkie XL To Score Godzilla VS Kong

photo credit: Legendary Pictures

In an otherwise boring news cycle for the day, we got tons of new announcements from Sony about their newest Playstation release and tons of new games that would be hitting the PS5. Other than that, things seemed to be kinda slow today. However, we just found out that Junkie XL will be handling the music duties for the upcoming battling monster movie from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures MonsterVerse.

 Holkenborg aka Junkie XL has been signed to take over scoring duties on the upcoming Godzilla VS Kong, which will see the two classic beasts do epic battle in the cinematic long as theaters are finally opened up across the U.S.. According to reports, Junkie has been hard at work for a while getting the score ready on the film that was originally set to hit theaters in March. This will be a direct follow up to Godzilla: King of the Monsters and the solo movie Kong: Skull Island. The studio has been gearing up for this for several years now. 

Junkie XL has been a notable force in modern film as he's handled the score for Batman v Superman, Deadpool, Terminator: Dark Fate, Justice League, Alita, and numerous others. He recently worked on Scoob! and Sonic the Hedgehog as well!!!

The film has been moved to a November 20th, 2020 release date after several delays and the obvious coronavirus outbreak.