News From LV-426: Sigourney Weaver Says "Ripley Deserves A Rest" After Receiving Alien 5 Treatment

photo credit 20th Century Fox
It's been quite a while since Ellen Ripley was the focus of an Alien movie. After bowing out when Alien Resurrection concluded, the actress has not played the character since 1997's fourth entry in the continued saga. But apparently she's received a 50 page script treatment from producer Walter Hill that would bring Ripley back to the series. A few years ago there were rumors that there would be a retcon sequel that would write off the events of Alien 3 and Resurrection that could move the series forward with Neill Blomkamp at the helm. Due to a couple flops and issues getting the project into production, his idea was ultimately scrapped. 

With Ridley Scott's Prometheus and Alien: Covenant behind us, there have been rumblings that he would still attempt to get a third movie made in that trilogy. Still, Weaver says she was sent this potential script by Hill that could see Ripley reclaim her throne as the baddest Xenomorph slayer in the galaxy. Sadly though, she doesn't seem enthused and said that she thinks it's really time to put her character to bed. When speaking with Empire, the prolific actress had this to say:

"Ridley has gone in a different direction. Maybe Ripley has done her bit. She deserves a rest."

From the report, it's said that the script she read was for the Blomkamp project but was a separate treatment altogether which means there are still rumblings about getting something new from the Alien saga.