Sci-Fi News: Pierce Brosnan Joins Science Fiction Film, Youth

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Today it was announced via THR that former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has boarded an upcoming science fiction film called Youth. It's a genre thriller that's based on the short story by writer Brett Marty. In the story, a person is able to use "Renewal" technology to rewind their body's biological clock back to their youth. Marty is also set to direct and co-write the script along with Josh Izenberg and America Whitcomb. Jib Polhemus, Paul Schiff and Martin Brennan have signed on to produce the project. 

In the movie, Brosnan will portray an engineer named Joel who will use the tech to set his body back to its prime to continue his career. The procedure goes wacky and ends up accelerating his age which will in turn bring about a dark set of events that he must warn the world about. This almost seems like it would work better as an episode of Black Mirror. 

Brosnan has continued to work in the industry after bailing on the 007 franchise. He's been doing a lot of VOD releases and has recently starred in the television series, The Son