Streaming Horror: Candyman Relaunch May Go Directly To VOD

photo courtesy Polygram Filmed Entertainment

By now we all know how badly the theatrical world has been rocked by COVID-19. It has shut down theaters around the globe and has basically taken the entire film schedule and shifted it months and months forward. It was totally inevitable that dozens of big budget productions would get dropped on VOD via numerous platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Hulu and more. Movies like Trolls World Tour, Scoob!, Artemis Fowl, and now the Tom Hanks drama Greyhound will all be part of the shift to the streaming format for theatrical releases. There's still no official on the losses the studios will be taking but they have seen huge rental numbers with most of the movies costing $19.99 to rent. 

It's been announced that major theater chains in the U.S. can start re-opening on June 19th, but there's no real calculation on how many people will actually start buying tickets to attend limited seating theaters. And will folks be willing to abide by strict guidelines as they begin opening. Also, some major theater chains may still not ever re-open due to stunning losses over the last quarter. 

With all that said, there's no word circulating the web that Nia Costa's new Candyman movie will now move from a cinematic release and will be hitting VOD at some point this summer. There's also a rumor that Tony Todd is officially reprising the role in the movie and this will be a direct continuation of the first couple movies. We cannot confirm nor deny, but Todd took to Twitter with a cryptic response that may point in that direction. 

No one would be shocked at this point, we're sure.