Suicide Watch: David Ayer Says His Suicide Squad Cut was Tonally Different

In an era that's now seen fan petitions bring about the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League, David Ayer is speaking up about his original intended cut of his Suicide Squad. 

Although the film was a major financial success for Warner Bros., it doesn't speak to the quality of the movie. Taking to Twitter, Ayer says that the movie that was released was a complete tonal shift from the project he wanted in theaters. Apparently, his vision was a darker one that would have shifted away from the comedic elements of the movie, but that the successes of Deadpool sharply changed how the final product came out. While there are rumors that he might end up getting to release his very own director's cut of Suicide Squad, the studio has not yet confirmed any forward momentum on the feature, as it was a commercially viable movie that didn't suffer the same fate as the dreaded Whedon cut of Justice League. 

Here's what Ayer had to say when tweeting about the movie: