We Got Cows: Universal Remaking/Rebooting Twister with Joseph Kosinski

image courtesy Universal Pictures

In a world where no movie is sacred, Universal Pictures is in the early stages of developing a reboot/remake of Twister. Yes, the tornado movie from the '90s that starred Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton is getting a new movie. Currently, Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick) is attached to direct the feature film which hasn't begun casting quite yet. Frank Marshall is currently attached to produce and is wrangling writers to handle penning the script for another movie about storm chasers. Maybe with the new technology we have now, they could spin the story in some new and unique way but it does seem like it was a product of its decade. I guess we'll find out soon enough when Universal decides to continue remaking and rebooting every one of their tentpole films. 

There aren't any details quite yet because it's so early in development. But the original Twister went on to gross $494 million at the global box office, which was huge for a '90s blockbuster, especially one that wasn't based on an existing property. Jan De Bont was in charge of the visual effects on the first movie with Steven Spielberg attached as an executive producer. 

I guess we'll wait and see what happens with this one. Until then, we'll be listening to Van Halen and hanging out with a late '90s Philip Seymour Hoffman. Until this comes out, enjoy some music!