Another Challenge: Green Hornet Animated Show Coming From Kevin Smith

It's that time again where we finally have a piece of news that isn't about something getting delayed by the Covid-19 crisis. While everything else is slowly starting to reopen, studios are developing and looking into whatever they can make when things get back to normal again. Yep, these stories will keep happening as the world tries to return to normal. This time, it’s some unexpected Green Hornet news!

It was announced today that Kevin Smith will be working on a new Green Hornet animated series. This series is said to be a modern day update on the Green Hornet story. It will focus on the son and daughter of the original Green Hornet and Kato but will also flashback to their adventures as well. 
There is no word on casting for the series or where we will see it just yet.  It will presumably come out after Smith’s Masters of the Universe series with Netflix is done. 

This is not the first time Smith has been attached to the Green Hornet property. He was planning on making a movie back in the early ‘00s that fell into development hell before the Seth Rogen film happened. He has also made a comic book adaptation of that script as well. We can imagine this will take some influence from both of those projects and hopefully this will make it to our screen sooner rather than later.