Close Enough: Adult Animated Series From Regular Show Creator

Image Courtesy of Polygon 
From Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel comes a new series Close Enough. Using the same animation style as the Cartoon Network show, this new series features a couple trying to raise a child in the same apartment as their divorced friends. The overall tone of Close Enough seems very similar to the first show from Quintel, a series that featured best friends Mortdecai and Rigby as they tried to skip out on work at a park. Their adventures took chaotic, wild, and supernatural turns when trying to avoid menial jobs. The series had a strong cult following up until the movie finale in January of 2017.

Releasing on HBO Max on July 9th, Close Enough is poised to deliver a more adult show than was available on Cartoon Network. However despite the content limitations associated with airing a series on a children’s network, Regular Show pushed the envelope through strongly implied adult content throughout the series. From the trailer it looks as if Close Enough is going to try and go even further.