DC Universe: Justice League: Mortal Table Read Coming Based on George Miller's Scrapped Project

Long before Zack Snyder got his hands on the members of the Justice League, George Miller was working up his very own version of the heroic squad of DC characters. Armie Hammer had been cast as Batman, D.J. Cotrona had signed as Supes, Adam Brody was boarded as The Flash, and Megan Gale was in as Wonder Woman.

Way back in 2007, Miller was set to film a live action film that would have centered on the Justice League but it was ultimately scrapped due to the long winded writer's strike that set hundreds of projects behind schedule or halted them completely. It had long running effects on both movies and television for a while. Right before the strike got the project cancelled, sets were being built as Justice League: Mortal was ready to go into production. Yet, WB decided to shut the entire thing down due to rising costs and the effects of their writers being on strike across the board. On the interim, WB changed course and tried to emulate the Marvel formula with a character centered movie project called Green Lantern. We know how that went. Then, DC changed course several times behind the scenes until Zack Snyder began working on bringing Man of Steel to cinemas. 

Now, with Snyder's cut of Justice League coming to HBO Max sometime next year, it looks like they're working on doing a table read of the Miller script for JL: Mortal that will feature voice actors like Shannon Farnon who voiced Wonder Woman on the Hanna-Barbera Super Friends show from 1973-1983. She took to her FB page today to tease the project but has since been taken off her page. Eugene Brave-Rock will be voicing Superman and Michael Gray will play The Flash in the audio performance of the Miller script. 

We don't have any further details but it seems an interesting time to pull this one off. We're sure it will be popular with fans of DC and Justice League, especially with so many genre films on hold due to Covid-19.