Disney Delays: Mulan Release Date Pulled Indefinitely

As the dreaded coronavirus continues to makes its way across the U.S., with numbers rising daily, Disney has made an executive decision. They've officially pulled Mulan from release with no definite date set in stone. The movie has been pushed around multiple times to meet the health demands that the virus have caused. But now, with no near end in site, the company has decided that it's simply best to not give any more updates or scheduled dates for the live action version of Mulan. The film will now sit dormant until we finally get this thing under control and stay at home orders are lifted. 

Directed by Niki Caro, the new version of Mulan was initially set to hit a release date of March 27th, 2020 but was ultimately pulled and rescheduled further out to August. However, their plan did not work out and they will now sit on the expensive project until they see a proper window for the feature to actually make money. At this point a streaming release has not been considered due to the high budgetary constraints of the project and its marketing. 

Per The Wrap, Disney has announced that its been officially pulled from the schedule as they further assess the best and safest way to release the film.