Dynamite Comics: James Bond #6 (2020) - Reviewed

In a previous review I expressed a bafflement at the existence of a comic book adaptation for Game of Thrones as the franchise already had two perfectly good adaptations in the novels and the show since it was an adaptation of a storyline from season three which was back when the show still had competent writing and directions. It made me ponder as to why such adaptations exist, and what real benefit they had given their competition. But in my harsh takedown I overlooked something: Original stories using existing characters. Which brings us to today's topic: Ian Fleming’s James Bond as presented by Dynamite.

James Bond is a character that needs no introduction. MI6 master spy, likes his martinis dry and his wit drier. He was practically a superhero already, he just lacked the comic based adventures and that’s what this is, a  James Bond extended universe story.

The great thing about the James Bond character is that he has had 7 different actors portray him and his continuity is, shall we say, less than concrete so barring an appearance from Blofeld or Jaws, you could introduce as many new characters as you want and audiences will just roll with it.

Issue six of this run of James Bond feels very much like a James Bond movie somewhere in its second act. James has gone a bit rogue tracking down a villain known simply as Mr.Big, MI6 is being curmudgeonly about the whole thing, and there’s a mysterious woman aiding bond. Bond has a formula and this comic does not deviate from it, but sometimes you follow a formula because the formula works.

Ian Fleming’s James Bond has crisp clean artwork from Brent Peeples, and clear blocking which makes the action easy to follow. Bond is suitably handsome, somewhere in between a Brosnan and a Dalton, and Mr. Big lives up to his name. Writers Vita Alaya and Danny Lore write a convincing enough Bond story with enough charm and intrigue to keep the reader invested. Bond also gets slapped with a whole shark courtesy of Mr. Big and that’s something you just won’t get in any Eon produced Bond Flick.

On it’s own Ian Fleming’s James Bond #6 is good, but I have a hard time recommending it unless you’ve read the other 5 issues preceding it. If you can’t wait until No Time To Die later this year, this may tide you over.

-Parker Enix-Ross