From The Upside Down: Stranger Things 4 To Restart Production in September

photo courtesy Netflix

Oh, how the Covid-19 outbreak has changed the entertainment world. It seems like every single production, TV or film has been put on indefinite hold due to this dreaded virus. And who could blame them? We need to protect everyone from this thing. In the meantime, streaming outlets are bearing the biggest every audiences as most of us are stuck at home to some extent. With all that said, Stranger Things season 4 was put on the back burner as production was halted early on. But now some good news is coming out of the Netflix camp. It looks as though the hit series has finally been given a reprieve as they plan on getting it back in front of cameras sooner than later. 

Today it was announced via THR that Stranger Things and its cast will get back to work in early fall as Georgia is going to lift their restrictions in September. John Rooker, head of Atlanta Metro Studios says that numerous projects including ST will finally be getting back to their shoots when things begin to ease, which right now looks like it will be in early September per Georgia governor Brian Kemp. 

Fans have been chomping at the bit to find out about Sheriff Hopper's fate and how the story will wrap up in the fourth and final extended season of the nostalgia laced sci-fi/horror mashup. Hopefully things continue in a positive direction so everyone can get back to work and give us some fresh entertainment.