Galactic Images: Early Concept Art Teases a Different Look for The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker

Long before anyone set their eyes on the final three movies in the Skywalker trilogy, artists were hard at work developing the concepts for what the characters would eventually look like. And from what it seems , the original idea for Luke Skywalker was to be more of a Colonel Kurtz type character that was hiding away on a deserted island with only some inhabitants to keep him company. When the first promos hit for The Force Awakens, Luke was missing from the campaign while Han and Leia were prominently featured. When the movie was eventually released, many fans were dismayed that their childhood hero wasn't seen until the final seconds of the movie. 

Initially, artists were using Apocalypse Now as their inspiration for their work on the movie. Now, Christian Alzmann has released a new image to Instagram that teases an early concept piece for Luke as he might have appeared in the movie. This altered look shows him with hair up, still wearing his brown Jedi robe and looking a little worse for wear. You can check the piece out right here!