Galactic News: Star Wars Novel Series To Introduce A New Empire Featuring Thrawn

With the Skywalker saga finally behind us, the galaxy of Star Wars is continuing to expand in many ways. As Disney+ begins to bring new and wonderful stories to the universe and the films calming their hectic release schedule, there are many brand new things to explore. A brand new novel from author Timothy Zahn looks to expand on the Star Wars mythology with a new book that will explore the early years of Grand Admiral Thrawn and his origins. Thrawn is a well known character from earlier books and will finally receive a proper background in the printed trilogy that will start with Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising. The first book will be centered on his beginnings before he joined the long famed Empire that we've known since 1977.

Before Thrawn become one of the new heads of the Empire post Return of the Jedi, he was a commander in the Chiss Ascendancy, which was the empire of his own people, hailing from the unknown reaches of space. Zahn claims he will build a whole new back story for fans to fall in love with as he creates more mythology around Thrawn. 

Coming from the recent SDCC 2020 Lucasfilm panel, Zahn gave few details about his newest creation but plans on giving fans something new to love. The book will follow Thrawn's rise to being Grand Admiral.