Holy Handshakes!: “The Batman” Director Matt Reeves Signs TV Deal With Warner Bros.

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Director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), still working on his upcoming, Robert Pattinson-starring The Batman, has gotten a bit cozier in the Warner Bros. Batcave: his production company 6th and Idaho has signed an extensive deal with the studio giant, focusing on new projects for tv and streaming content.

This move to Warner (and away from his previous arrangement with Disney’s 20th Century Fox Television) can be read as a sign of confidence that the studio has in the director, who is now heading-up one of their most massive movie franchises. It can also be seen as Reeves making some smart decisions, as far as where to put some of his projects in a possibly “post-cinematic release” future.
 No stranger to television, he has written and produced several tv shows over the years (even co-creating Felicity, alongside his Cloverfield collaborator, JJ Abrams), so a return to the medium would seem a natural.
For his feature films, Reeves has a first-look deal (tellingly) with Netflix.

No details about specific projects yet, but it’s being speculated that at least some of them might be connected to Reeves’ little self contained corner of the DC Universe, encompassing multiple platforms (even animation is a possibility).
We’ll pass along more info as is it comes in, until then, stay tuned!
Same Bat-Channel, same Ba- 
 ...aw crap, never mind.