House of 1000 Steelbooks: Rob Zombie's Firefly Trilogy To Get A Steelbook Release

Rob Zombie has definitely proven himself in the world of horror as one of the most divisive creatives around. Outside of his Firefly trilogy, he also directed numerous other films including a Halloween remake and its sequel. 

Starting off with House of 1000 Corpses, he attempted to pay tribute to '70s grindhouse and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Then he continued on with the sequel, The Devil's Rejects. In 2019, he released the final piece of his trilogy with the hampered 3 From Hell. Now, all the movies are being released in one set via Target that will come in a brand new steelbook set. While this new release won't see any new special features or behind the scenes footage, it will be a nice collector's piece for those fans that want to experience the trilogy again in one special edition box set. 

After two films that seemed to build Zombie's rep with genre fans, he delivered the mostly terrible 3 From Hell that barely saw a theatrical release. Critics and general audiences shared their dismay for the movie pretty much across the board. And with a central character being killed off in the first few minutes due to his off screen health issues, many took issue with the movie being released at all. But now you can have all the gore, violence, and bloodshed all in one place when Target releases the steelbook package on September 8, 2020.