Justice League: Junkie XL To Use Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel Theme in The Snyder Cut

image copyright Warner Bros. 

A few days ago it was reported that Junkie XL would be returning to score the Snyder Cut of Justice League. The musician has scored numerous films over the last few years including Snyder's other DCEU movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now it's been confirmed that the Dutch musician will be taking cues from another prolific creator as he'll be using Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel theme in the upcoming release on HBO Max. When speaking with a panel over the 4th of July weekend, the director was asked about Hans Zimmer's two-note theme for Superman and whether it would be used. He replied with an enthusiastic, "Of course. Is there any other?".

While this isn't huge news, it will be nice to have a continued thread between movies which will now rest firmly on what is sure to be some amazing music from Junkie XL. This new cut of Justice League will reportedly cost $20-30 million with the main cast returning to add additional dialogue for the new cut. It's good to see that Snyder is finally getting the movie he wanted and that the studio is actually readying some type of proper connectivity between films. 

When Justice League released in 2017, it fell short of its break even point of $750 million. It eventually only grossed $658 million and wasn't a hit on the home video market either.