Justice League: Zack Snyder Says His Cut Will Feature ZERO Studio Compromise

courtesy Warner Bros. 

After Zack Snyder's departure from Justice League, things went absolutely haywire. With Joss Whedon taking over the project, the movie was turned sideways and turned into one of the biggest major studio flops of all time. While Warner Bros. was busy trying to catch up to the hyper successful Marvel Universe of films, they forgot about quality and released a critically ravaged version of Justice League that totally missed the point. Now of course Snyder is back getting the movie fixed to his own personal vision as he had initially planned. The director says that the Snyder Cut which will be released on HBO Max will feature zero studio interference and no compromise from the heads at WB. 

When holding a panel discussion about the movie on Vero over the weekend, the director released this list of details:

1. The original Steppenwolf design will be returning
2. He is deep in VFX work on the film
3. The upcoming release of Justice League will be 100% his vision with no compromises or interference.
4. We will get a new teaser before the upcoming DC FanDome on August 22
5. Junkie XL will return to score the film
6. JL will include more Knightmare sequences with Darkseid and Superman
7. Kevin Costner will return as Jonathon Kent for a cameo

At long last, we might get the Justice League we deserve with Snyder's direction and creativity fully intact. This could finally get WB and the DCEU steered towards some level of success based on their massive set of heroes and villains. Although Joker was a major financial step forward for the studio, the legacy of the Justice League might finally get its due.