Lando Goes Solo: New Star Wars Show Rumored For Disney+

The rumor mill continues to swirl around the Star Wars Galaxy as a new show is reportedly in the works at the Mouse House. Today, several sites including Screen Rant are reporting that Lucasfilm plans on bringing Donald Glover back to reprise his role as a younger Lando Calrissian. Apparently, he'll don the yellow cape once again when Disney brings Lando to an event series on the newly released streaming outlet. 

Despite the financial woes of their Solo: A Star Wars Story, Disney has a lot invested in the ever expanding universe and looks to cash in even more by making their very own Lando series in the realm of what they did with The Mandalorian. While it's being reported widely based on the podcast, Kessel Run Transmissions, this is strictly a rumor at this point so we really cannot confirm the existence of this project or any early development. Yet, we'd definitely love to see Glover come back as Lando. 

Kathleen Kennedy has taken a hard step back with the film universe as they continue to pump out more and more television shows. This would be in addition to the Obi-Wan show that's coming up, a new Bad Batch animated series, and other things that are rumored. With the Skywalker Saga finally done, Star Wars will be concentrating on other eras and stories that do not specifically take place during that story arc.