Mega Marvel Toy News: Exclusives, Convention Sets, And More!!!

During Hasbro's Fan First...Tuesday? It's usually on a Friday but there's usually an SDCC panel around this time as well. Regardless, during a live-stream event, Hasbro's team announced several new X-men sets and figures heading our way!

First off, an update on the Haslab Sentinel, which easily passed its tiers of funding to include a Mastermold head, an alternate damaged head and hand, as well as a 6-inch female Prime Sentinel figure. The figure will now come with two pose-able hand tentacles.

Multiple 2 and 3 packs were announced for the comic and cinematic varieties of the characters. Old Man Logan and Hawkeye 2-pack, comes with several hands and an alternate head for each, as well as Baby Hulk. Deadpool gets a movie 2-pack with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, several hands, weapons, effects parts, and a stuffed unicorn. Movie Domino has a solo figure release as well. Thunderbird and Storm arrive in their first appearance costumes in a Target exclusive, along with an alternate head, cape, effects parts, and set of hands for Storm. 

The 3-pack announcement is were getting a long overdue iconic character in the form of Nimrod, Psylocke, and Fantomex. Where as Psylocke and Fantomex had a recent figures, this is Nimrod's first 6 inch scale figure. 

Two SDCC sets will go up on Hasbro Pulse in September. A Hellfire Club 4-pack with exclusive packaging includes Emma Frost, Donald Pierce, Sebastian Shaw, and Jean Grey, along with an alternate head to make Jean into Selene Gallio and a vast amount of accessories. And an Logan movie 2-pack with our titular hero and Professor X and wheelchair, along with and alt head and hand set for Logan.

The last bit of Marvel figure news is Mezco Toyz showing off images of it's next One:12 Collective figure: Bishop! With two swappable heads and a striking design, not much else is known about the release at this time but he looks like he traveled through time for more than just a haircut!