Mission To The Stars: Tom Cruise Secures Massive Budget for Film in Outer Space

Tom Cruise is continually pushing the envelope with his nonstop run of amazing action movies and science fiction projects. The latest movie that he and Doug Liman are working on is set to film in actual outer space with a massive budget which Cruise secured with one phone call. Apparently, Cruise made a connection with innovator Elon Musk and pulled together $200 million in funding from that contact. The studio was so impressed with their ideas and the trio's passion for the project that they handed him the money after a Zoom meeting that involved Cruise, Liman, and McQuarrie with studio heads. 

Cruise will be working hand in hand with Musk and NASA on the sci fi movie that will see the actor make his way to space to film the majority of the action sequences. Christopher McQuarrie, who has worked with Cruise on multiple projects has boarded as a producer and will oversee the film that will be helmed by Liman. Cruise and Liman were paired on other movies like Edge of Tomorrow and are also currently working on developing a sequel. 

There is no word on the script or what the movie will be about at this juncture, but for them to go to outer space to film, we'd imagine it's got to be good. We'll update as we hear more. But this is a serious team up that will obviously give audiences another thrilling movie where Cruise pushes his physical limits.