Netflix Now: Unsolved Mysteries (2020) - A Capsule Review

photo courtesy Netflix

As a huge fan of the original Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack I was incredibly excited for this new series. When it dropped I jumped in with both feet and I almost wish I hadn’t. 

The original series was campy and fun even by late '80s standards, covering everything from murders to people looking for their family, aliens, monsters and stories about God. This new series is, I’m totally honest, boring. I’ve seen it before on Investigation Discovery. It’s been reduced down to a generic 'who done it?' crime show. The big twist? The cases aren’t solved and want your help to solve them. 

Having a host would be nice. More than one story per episode would be great as well. The show is well done for what it is, a traditional crime show that has one episode about Aliens to make up for it, and it failed. 

I wanted to like it, but I just can’t. It’s not Unsolved Mysteries. It’s just another crime show and that’s heartbreaking. What could have been a groundbreaking show in the era of social media and instant data is just a show that asks you to help solve a crime. Oh well, maybe if it gets a second season they can work on that.

-Trevor West