Nostalgia Rules: Hasbro Announces Top Gun Transformer and New X-Men Figures

Hasbro has announced two big movie pre-orders this week, both from franchises that started decades ago! Another crossover promotion, this time with the long awaited sequel Top Gun, and on the 20th anniversary of the X-Men film franchise, they've revealed a new set of figures based on their cinematic debut.

Top Gun, which has only recently had any presence on the toy shelf, has teamed up with Hasbro Pulse to release a unique Transformer figure, aptly named Maverick. This voyager class figure turns from a detailed F-14 Tomcat jet to a 7” robot with a fighter pilot helmet-shaped head. It comes in unique Top Gun packaging with missile accessories, a miniature pilot and motorcycle, and a volleyball that can peg into Maverick's hand! Said volleyball not being named Spike is a missed opportunity.

Going a mere 20 years back for their next release is X-Men, from their first big screen appearance: Wolverine, Mystique, and a 2-pack of Magneto and Professor Xavier. Wolverine comes with a swap-able head and hands, Mystique has a swap-able arm and hands, and the Magneto/Xavier set comes with a wheelchair, multiple heads for the two sets of actors whom have portrayed them across the franchise, and several hands. Marvel Legends didn't start until 2002 with Toy Biz and even then the sculpt and paint left a lot to be desired. If you have a Mystique with Wolverine skin suit figure still intact, it may be time to evolve!

Last years Ghostbusters crossover figures and comics, as well as the recent Back To The Future Gigawatt figure, Hasbro has been going after fans of all franchises that they can get the license to...which is a lot. The X-Men figures are available through most online retailers and directly from Hasbro Pulse, while Maverick is exclusive to Hasbro Pulse.

With SDCC having a virtual convention this year, the release schedule and announcements in the toy department may not change much. Comics, films, and television all have to struggle with production, filming, theaters, and sales, but online or retail products are seemingly on schedule. Top Gun: Maverick the movie is delayed until December 2020 but releasing this crossover figure seems to be more timeless than the ill-fated sales that befell G.I. Joe Retaliation and its early release of figures.