Secrets of the Mogwai: HBO Max Gremlins Series Will Feature Voice Cameos From The Original Cast

It's been a while since we've heard from the Gremlins franchise. But soon enough there will be a new animated series coming to HBO Max that will finally bring them back to the screen. The new show, Secrets of the Mogwai will expand on the mythology of the creatures when it finally appears on the streaming outlet which seems to be gearing up for a ton of huge releases over the next year or so. 

The original Gremlins is still a huge hit with fans of '80s movies and the sequel seems to be continually getting a larger following as nostalgia is the name of the game lately. Now, it's been revealed that some of the original cast members will voice characters in the animated run. Even though it wasn't reported on exactly who would be coming back, producer Tze Chun says that we'll be excited with what's to come. 

When speaking with Geek Vibes Nation, Chun responded:

"There is definitely going to be some exciting cameos from people. What has been really exciting is that Joe Dante is a consulting producer on the project. He looks at scripts, he looks at the artwork. It’s been really amazing. And I know that a lot of people on the crew and the writers are huge huge Gremlin fans. So it has been really great."

Tze also expanded on where the series is headed. Apparently it will focus on Mr. Wing as a ten year old boy as he raises a baby Gizmo and deals with all the challenges of owning a Mogwai. 

Bright light!!!!