The Power of Love: Back to the Future Trilogy Headed to 4K Blu-Ray This Fall

Great Scott! It's finally some movie news that isn't about something being impacted by the coronavirus! I'ts always nice to have something to get excited about. The Back to the Future Trilogy is finally headed to 4K Ultra HD this fall just in time for it's thirty-fifth anniversary! This seems like something we should be celebrating in these dark times!

Like all big releases, this box set is packed to the gills with all the special features and information you could possibly need about the Back to the Future trilogy. Behind the scenes material including auditions from famous actors, extensive commentaries for all three films, deleted scenes, and more make this a must own for any fan of Marty McFly and Doc Brown's adventures through time.

The set will be available on October 20th, just one day before Back to the Future day on the 21st! It'll be nice to kick back and celebrate on that day with the whole trilogy in glorious 4K.