Toy News: Haslab Announces Its Latest Crowd Funded Mutant Hunting Creation

photo courtesy Hasbro

In the latest Hasbro Pulse Fan Friday, they revealed their tallest Haslab creation to date! A Marvel Legends scale Sentinel! Clocking in at 26.3 inches, just over 2 feet, makes it under last year's announcement of Unicron, at 27 inches. There is a significant price difference between the two, and Unicron is not slated for release until the first quarter of 2021. Unicron struggled to achieve its backer goal in 2019 at $550, but with a price tag of $350 and with over half of required 6,000 backers(as of July 10th) already pledging their future paychecks to this behemoth, you can rest assured there will be pics of this massive plastic robot in passenger seats and next to small children when this finally ships in Fall of 2021.
Make no mistake, along with Unicron and the Khetanna(Jabba's Sail Barge from 2019), collectors have been clearing space and saving dimes with this already fruitful market of collectibles from every shore. Hasbro, and their Haslab projects, has leaned towards appealing to the collector base more and more over the past 10 years, as buying habits, trends, and the children's market having moved to electronics, along with brick and mortar retailers shying away from exclusives of this scale. As warehouse and retail space took a major loss with Toys R Us closing in the US, Hasbro opened its Hasbro Pulse store to sell directly to the collector and fan online, and has continued to keep its market share despite toy shelves waxing and waning with media releases.

This technological terror will easily be the centerpiece of any display, and along with a second figure, Bastion and alternate Sentinel Prime head, the mutant menace on your shelf won't stand a chance! There's also a limit of 5 per transaction, in case you wanted to troop build! Light up eyes and chest(batteries not included) and a tentacle for subduing unruly targets.
Honestly, I'm running low on space but this would look amazing with a handful of X-Men, or any other 4-6 inch scale figures, to battle it! If you're in the market for this, don't hesitate! The aftermarket will, on average, double the price and Haslab typically makes enough to cover its backers, some replacements and damages, and possibly a bit to sell on Hasbro Pulse. Then that's it, the rest get convinced to attack the Sun by Cyclops and it doesn't end well...for them...