Toys, Toys, Toys: Hasbro Fan First Friday Releases and News Galore

Now, this is the usual time for Hasbro to announce what they have planned for the rest of the current year. NYCC in October is when they typically make their plans known for the holiday season and the upcoming year. That being said, there's usually a full week of build up, leaks, preorders, convention and store exclusives to keep up the hype for the coming months...since the economy is tied to Santa's sleigh. So let's jump right in!

G.I. Joe marked its recent return to retail with 1/12 scale figures in February with and Exclusive Snake-Eyes and the launch of the first wave. Now, a Hasbro Pulse exclusive Snake Supreme Cobra Commander will be made available in September. Two variants have already been seen, a regular retail version and a Regal version in a different blue and more gold highlights. The Snake Supreme comes in premium packaging, a soft fabric cape, and a bunch of accessories. They also announced new G.I. Joe 3 ¾” vehicle sets and figures for their Retro Series. This includes nearly identical classic packaging but with updated figures. The Cobra H.I.S.S. and A.W.E. Striker come with H.I.S.S. Driver and Crankcase, respectively. We also get Baroness, Snake-Eyes, and Storm Shadow on classic cards. These new figures include accessories, stands, and new articulation to avoid the classic rubber band waist joint. The Retro Series is exclusive to Walmart and Snake Supreme Cobra Commander is exclusive to Hasbro Pulse.

Next up is two more Walmart Exclusives, meant to launch two new waves of Marvel Legends coming to the shelves. Venomized Captain America comes with a newly designed merging of the two iconic characters and a Symbiote-covered shield. This is a part of the upcoming Spider-man Maximum Venom wave, where the characters will all be 'Venomized'. Cable from Deadpool 2 comes with a 'clearly marked for older audience' packaging, an extra set of hands, and weapons. There is a teddy bear attached to his hip. The long awaited Deadpool movie line will accompany this, with several characters from Deadpool 2. I need that Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Transformers took up a good chunk of the announcements. A Quintesson Pit of Judgement 5-pack was announced, coming with a cardboard stage to recreate the classic scene from the animated 1986 Transformers The Movie! This 5-pack includes a Quintesson five-faced judge, Bailiff (Allicon), Prosecutor, a Sharkticon, and the ill-fated Kranix! This will be exclusive on Hasbro Pulse in September for $69.99. The new Earthrise 2-pack sets are Autobot Alliance Prowl and Ironhide, both new Deluxe Class figures. For the Decepticons, Voyager Class Seeker Elite 2-pack with Dirge and Ramjet. Both sets available on Amazon. The WFC: Siege Wave 2 will include Deluxe Class Bumblebee (a redeco of Cliffjumper), Elita-1 (a redeco of Arcee), Red Alert, Impactor, and Wheeljack. The Earthrise 3-packs are Voyager Class with two Battle Masters each. First is Optimus Prime with transforming hand ax and shield, the Battle Masters in translucent gold plastic. Then, for a first in this line, Soundwave with Battle Masters Laserbeak and Ravage in cassette form! To finish up the Generations Selects, we get another redeco of Cliffjumper from Earthrise in the form of Hubcap! This goes along with the two previously released Generations Select figures of Greasepit (a modular gas station/robot) and Exhaust, a bounty hunter designed after the Diaclone original figure for Wheeljack. We won't know the contents of the second spoiler box until it gets into the public's hands...

Finally, a Black Series wave for The Clone Wars' final season hit Walmart on the 17th as well. Ahsoka Tano, Mandalorian Loyalist, Mandalorian Super Commando, and Ahsoka's 332nd Clone Trooper, all went up, with Tano and Clone Trooper selling out quickly.

Honestly, this is just the warm-up. Buckle up, folks!