We Have The Power: July Toy Announcements - Super 7, Mattel, and More

If you're into figures that never got any representation and metal, I've got some news for you! Super7 starts its Stay-At-Home-Ic-Con (not typing that again) on July 22nd with some new figures teased on their site! Peanuts is getting some new figures, which seem to be Snoopy themed from the silhouettes. Back To The Future and Weird Science are joining the lineup with what seems to be a Chet as Turd Monster to once again grace your eyeballs. A Creature From The Black Lagoon and Ghost (the band) have been teased as well! To top that all off, King Diamond is getting a deluxe 7” figure, styled after the Mercyful Fate era of the early '80's! Coming with three extra hands, a bone-cross microphone, a skull bowl topped off with blood, a goat skull, and swappable head! King Diamond is expected in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Mattel came out swinging with two scale replicas from Factory Entertainment in the form of He-Man's Power Sword and Skeletor's Havoc Staff! Both checking in at 8 inches, made of metal, and a shiny, chrome finish. These may not be combat ready but sure would make for a nice display piece on a desk! These should arrive in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Lastly, in Third Party news (unlicensed figures, usually Transformer related), Mastermind Creations announced its latest in the Reformatted line. R-45 Mnemo and Motif (aka Chromedome and Rewind) as they appeared in IDW's Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye and Lost Light comic! This tragic and fateful couple receive their most accurate page-to-plastic depiction yet! Mnemo transforming into a stylized space car and Motif turning into his data slug alt-mode. With incredible pose-ability and spot on paint job, they capture the characters more than ever before. They are up for preorder on Planet Steel Express, other online retailers, and are expected in October 2020.