Zombie Saga: Train To Busan: Peninsula Sets New U.S. Limited Theatrical Release Date

photo courtesy Well GO USA

Although the sequel to Train to Busan, Peninsula is getting mostly negative reviews across the board, it has set a brand new release date in the U.S.. The continuation to the highly successful zombie movie was initially set to hit a small, limited run beginning next week but has ultimately been pushed back to the third week in August. With almost every theater in the U.S. shuttered due to the coronavirus, the movie will now get a small run (mostly drive-ins, we're betting) on August 21st. In its foreign release, the movie is bringing in huge money for the studio and was one of the biggest new release movies ever in Asia. However, that will not be the case here considering that there won't be many places to screen it. 

Well GO USA announced yesterday that they were pushing the movie back by a couple weeks with no real explanation why. The new film takes place four years after the events of Train to Busan and studies the after effects of the complete destruction caused by the outbreak. In current times, this seems like a nearly perfect release that will most likely echo many of the problems our current society faces. Zombie movies have mostly always had some type of social commentary. 

While we look forward to seeing this one, it will most likely end up being on streaming services as the movie will obviously make that jump very quick for its domestic U.S. run.