A Shaven Furiosa: Charlize Shares Video of Head Shaving For Fury Road

Most of us adore Mad Max: Fury Road as one of the best action movies of the last few decades. After years and years, director George Miller returned to his iconic creation and brought Tom Hardy in as the title character, Max Rockatansky. However, he was given a run for his money by Charlize Theron's role as the bad ass, Furiosa. While news is still circulating about Miller's follow up, she's taken to social media to share the video of when she had to shave her head for the role. 

When prepping for a drive-in screening of Fury Road, Theron took to Twitter to post a video from 2015 as she removed her beautiful hair via clippers. The movie which screened in again in Los Angeles was a charity event that charged $1000 for admission. The screening also featured a Q&A session with her and support actor Nicholas Hoult.