An Icelandic Witch: Bjork Joins Robert Eggers' The Northman

The Sugarcubes singer and solo music artist Bjork hasn't starred in a movie since 2000's Dancer in the Dark. But now she's ready to begin acting again. The super talented artist has officially boarded Robert Eggers' next project, The Northman. The Icelandic actress and musician will play a character known as The Slav Witch in his follow up to 2019's black and white cult film, The Lighthouse. Eggers had previously released the horrific tale of The Witch back in 2015. Bjork's daughter Isadora Barney will also play a supporting role in the feature film. 

Apparently, the casting was being held close to the chest until today when it accidentally leaked and hit several entertainment sites. Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Anna Taylor-Joy and Willem Dafoe are also key players in the movie. Shooting had previously been shut down due to complications from the coronavirus but has resumed shooting but has no official release date as of yet.

We'll update as we hear more. This sounds like Eggers is going to bring another amazing film to theaters when they open back up.