Big Bugs, Small Screen: Mimic To Be Rebooted For Television

Just in time for a global pandemic, Guillermo Del Toro's cult horror film Mimic is being rebooted for television. The 1997 film, centering around scientists genetically modifying insects to fight a deadly illness only for the insects to evolve and become viscous killers, will be reimagined by filmmaker Paul WS Anderson (The Resident Evil Series) and his producing partner Jeremy Bolt for Miramax TV.  

Anderson is set to direct the pilot while Jim Danger Gray (Orange is the New Black) will write. It remains to be seen how closely this will adhere to the original short story from Donald A. Wollheim or Del Toro's film but the possibilities are endless. In speaking to Deadline, Anderson had this to say about the property:

The world of insects has been a long-term fascination of mine. So much strength and organization from such tiny creatures that have existed long before humankind and will survive long after our demise. It’s an exciting world that I’m thrilled to jump into, especially with such great partners as Jim and Miramax."

Mimic, while never setting the world on fire at the box office, developed a cult following over the years and spawned two direct-to-video sequels. As we navigate our own deadly pandemic, the horrors surrounding it and the creatures created in trying to stop it could be extremely potent.