Breaking Bat News: The Batman To Resume Filming In The UK Next Month

At long last, Matt Reeves' The Batman is making some forward momentum. After being shut down due to the global health crisis, the film has officially moved towards starting production again. It had begun filming months ago before the shut downs and quarantines happened. Now, the long awaited relaunch of the world's greatest detective will get back in front of cameras in September as it starts shooting in the UK. Deadline has reported that The Batman will get its restart at Warner Bros.' Leavesden studios to resume principal photography. The film has been on hiatus since March, but now they're hopeful that the movie will finally be able to hit its release date of October 21st, 2021. 

The project has been kept under wraps with no real details about the plot but has an amazing cast of villains that will be played by a stellar cast of major grade 'a' actors. After Ben Affleck abandoned the directorial chair for the project and ultimately left the cape and cowl behind him, Matt Reeves ran with the script, made his own changes, and began working towards bringing it to the screen. With COVID-19 taking several swings at the movie and the entire staff being sent home it did see quite a long delay. But now, it looks like WB and Reeves are figuring out a way to get it into cinemas for their newly scheduled date. 

Hopefully, Reeves can bring his own vision to the Batman lore and give audiences a reboot that serves the long running DC legacy of their most popular character. Robert Pattinson will play the character despite much online backlash. His resume of dramatic and dynamic roles will definitely carry the picture.