Cyberpunk Samurai: 47 Ronin To Receive Futuristic Sequel

Before Keanu Reeves' career got a correction with the John Wick movies, he starred in the critically panned action epic 47 Ronin. The movie was a massive flop for the studio and continues to be ravaged by critics and audiences. Although the movie was a financial disaster, they've officially green lit a sequel/relaunch that will be new imagining for what they're hoping could be a successful property for the studio. The new movie will be financed by Universal Pictures with Mulan's Ron Yuan set to direct the feature. 

Early word says that this next 47 Ronin will move into the future, will use the same thematic elements from the first but will incorporate a cyberpunk style that will cross ninja and samurai badassery. It's also said that they'll be mixing in horror elements for extra measure. Deadline reported on the project earlier today!

Right now they're saying that the movie will hit a 2021 shooting date and will be a new Netflix Original film. The first 47 Ronin only grossed $151 million globally against a $175 million budget. Why they're doing this, we have zero idea!!!