Double Death Dealing Toy News!

When you hear the name 'Death Dealer', you think of the iconic painting from Frank Frazetta. A dark figure with fire-red eyes, sitting high atop his hulking steed, brandishing a shield towards the viewer, ax dripping with blood, amidst a landscape of destruction... and the sound of Molly Hatchet grows louder.

Not one, but two companies are offering an articulated and detailed 6” model of the warrior! Mezco announced during its Mezco Con event (not SDCC) the One:12 Death Dealer. Extra hands, sword, ax, and shield are all there to recreate the characters most memorable images and even make some new ones! With a mix of plastic and soft goods, his striking silhouette would shake the resolve of any challenger. Pair this with the Frazetta Conan figure they have coming in January 2021, and you've got yourself a battle for the ages! No release date yet as it seems to be awaiting licensor approval.

But if you need a Death Dealer soon and prefer a seamless body TBLeague has put up their 1/12 scale figure for preorder, estimated to arrive October 2020. TBLeague's version comes with more accessories and soft goods for a variety of customizations. This figure also boasts the seamless body which adds just enough realism to give the viewer pause to admire those arms and the detailed sculpting. 

Both figures should be around $90. Now we would just need a dark Clydesdale for him to ride into battle. Grab a nearby Breyer horse and you're good to go! Does the horse have a name? The Night Mare? Shadowmere from Skyrim?!