Eye of the Tiger: Sylvester Stallone Working on Rocky IV Director's Cut, Teases With New Clips

Sylvester Stallone isn't one to leave well enough alone. He's on a current kick of changing and editing films that have already been released. With an extended cut of Rambo: Last Blood hitting streaming services like Amazon and Apple TV, the actor and director has once again decided to go back to the well and do more work on the iconic '80s boxing movie, Rocky IV. The film which saw Balboa's best friend die and featured a brutal boxing match between the fictional heavyweight champion and the Russian behemoth Ivan Drago still holds a place as one of the better films in the extended franchise. Now, it appears that Stallone is deep into re-editing the fourth Rocky film for a director's cut release that will include newly uncovered footage. 

Stallone continues to release Rocky films and recently co-starred in Creed and Creed II which extended the story into modern times. He's also said that he's not happy with how his character's arc finished in the second Creed film and is hoping to do another straight Rocky movie that will see him train another young boxer. While many of us think it's time to hang it up, Stallone is consistently pushing the boundaries of his age with physically demanding action roles or parts that truly do show his prowess. 

Check out the footage he just released to Instagram which teases a new cut of Rocky IV. Hopefully they can add more montages, because that's just what the doctor ordered!