Free Mulan!!!: Disney Movie Will Release Live Action Film To All Subscribers For Free in December

photo courtesy Disney 

Disney has had a hell of a road to getting a proper release for Mulan. After numerous delays, their film will finally see a streaming release on Disney+ next month. Initially meant as a theatrical release, the Mouse House decided after much consideration to release their big budget live action to their successful streaming platform to a massive outcry that the rental cost was too much. Even though they said it would be permanently stored in your online account for as long as you remained a member, the online community as a whole had problems with the way the chose to do things. Most people thought a nearly $30 price tag was way too much for a digital release and the internet was ablaze with cries of the studio soaking cash strapped viewers for too much money. 

Now, the studio has decided that after a three month period, they will release Mulan into the general catalog on Disney+. It will be free to all subscribers of the service when December hits, just in time for the Christmas season. It was thought that they might do this some time in 2021, but have decided to give in to some demands over the movie. So after a few months of paid rentals, they will be giving to their entire viewership for the low cost of zero dollars. This will begin on December 4, 2020.