He Has The Power: Masters of the Universe Star Teases His He-Man/Black Adam Physique

The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cinematic reboot has been in development hell for quite some time. Initially slated back in the early 2000's, the film was ultimately pulled from the schedule only to be reinvigorated just a couple years ago. The newest translation would be a more direct version of Masters of the Universe that would follow the origins of the character much more closely than the Dolph Lundgren movie from 1987. Just a while back it was announced that Noah Centineo would be taking on the role of He-Man in the newest version of the hero. He would portray him in a movie that was initially slated to hit theaters in 2021. Yet, not all is confirmed on a release for the film. Sony removed the movie from its upcoming schedule with no new date listed. However, it is still listed as in pre-production status. 

Now, Centineo has taken to Instagram to tease his buff physique that's apparently in preparation for his part as He-Man in the Masters live action reboot. Nothing has been completely clear about the release for the movie and Centineo has also been cast as Black Adam, so this could be for either movie. 

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