Images From Pandora: New Avatar Concept Art Teases Underwater Vehicles

It's been way too long since the original Avatar dominated the box office and become a historical marker as one of the biggest movies of all time. Since the film premiered, James Cameron has continually pushed for numerous sequels. Now, with work on the films fully underway and a 2021 release set for the chapter two of his newest universe, producer Jon Landau took to Twitter to tease some of the underwater vehicles that have been conceptualized for the movie. The first sequel is said to take Jake and Neytiri below the surface of the sea for a brand new adventure in Pandora. Apparently the amount of work that had to be done for the sea faring portions of the project caused massive delays as Cameron and crew had to develop new technologies to make things work.

Always at the head of new tech, Cameron finally got things moving as we get a first look at some of the designs for the upcoming sequels. The Tweet features The Crabsuit, an underwater armor that will be heavily featured in the film.