Warner Media has reportedly laid off one third of DC Comics as well as the entirety of the team at DC Universe, as well as DC Direct, the company's personal toy manufacturer as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.
Among those said to have been laid off are editor in chief Bob Harris, Senior VP Hank Kanalz, marketing VP Jonah Weiland, executive Editor Mark Doyle, Senior Story Editor Brian Cunnigham and VP of Global publishing Initiatives Bobbie Chase. Jim Lee remains CEO at present.
The DC Universe layoffs are speculated to be a result of Warner Media’s desire to transition the DC content to the new HBO Max platform. One source is quoted as saying “DC Universe was DOA as soon as the AT&T merger happened.” An estimated total of 600 workers are expected to have been laid off.
The layoffs are speculated to be as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, as comic book sales have taken a massive decline in the wake of the pandemic. When asked for comment by The Hollywood Reporter a DC spokesperson declined. 
These layoffs come just weeks before DC Comics planned online event DC Fandome, an online event set to showcase upcoming feature movies, tv shows and comic books.