Legends of Grayskull: Masters of the Universe RPG Coming Soon!

Now you can roleplay your own Masters of the Universe!

Magic and technology, myth and legend, the Power of Grayskull and you! During Power-Con, a He-Man and She-Ra themed convention, Mattel announced it has licensed Fandom Tabletop to bring Masters of the Universe to the tabletop realm! Legends of Grayskull will use the Cortex Prime system to help you create you own masters and venture into the far off world of Eternia. A core book, digital companion and toolset, as well as community content creation and sharing platform, is set to launch in 2021. 

A demo for the system brought in the Cortex Prime creator Cam Banks and Fandom Tabletop VP Adam Bradford, with Cam acting as the 'Narrator'. Phil Lamarr, Tiffany Smith (starring in the upcoming “Masters of the Universe: Revelation' Netflix series, directed by Kevin Smith), and Felicia Day rounded out the ranks to rescue Zodac from the evil Skeletor!

This is a part of Mattel's big launch of new content for Masters of the Universe, as the success of the stand-alone She-Ra series proved there's a desire for more media and merchandise. A new title from DC Comics, a feature film, this new tabletop, TWO new Netflix series, with heaps of figures and toys hitting the shelves, it seems like the iron is hot for a franchise to be reforged. 

My wife is the big He-Man fan in this house and though she never realized her dream of marrying him, with this and a muscle suit, it may be as close as she will get out of me. I'm sure there's room for that guy with a tank turret for a head from the original figure concepts.

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