My Chemical Batman: A Look At Gerard Way's Batman Design

A little more than a decade ago, before The New 52, My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way was working on his very own version of Batman. The story would have been called Batman: Kingdom of the Mad. Unfortunately, the project would never see the light of day as DC Comics moved in a totally different direction. It's said that the comic book powerhouse was not in love with the strange new plotting for the story and moved away from Way's project. It was ultimately cancelled and this new Batman arc was fully abandoned. 

Way moved on to develop his highly successful Umbrella Academy, which would become a hit streaming television show and would also become a writer for DC's Doom Patrol. In the meantime, he also put together a reunion for his band which would have seen a massive tour if not for the COVID-19 epidemic. Although some of the design work was teased and released back in 2013, it's resurfaced again and we're letting you see his adaptation of the world famous Gotham detective, Batman. 

It's said that Way's Batman would have been similar to the Elseworlds stories which would have moved it from the main continuity. It also would have fallen under the Vertigo banner.