New Streaming Releases: Bill and Ted Face The Music (2020) - Reviewed

copyright Orion Pictures 

After nearly thirty years, musical high-ons Bill and Ted are back for another adventure through time and space. And damn, they were missed. 

In an era that focuses on comic book movies, horror franchises, and big budget action flicks, our two comedic heroes come back for another ninety minutes of pure goofiness. Copying many of the plot points from the first two films, Bill and Ted Face The Music is a welcome return to a better time when we could just kick back and relax to enjoy some escapist fun. During a year that's seen record levels of depression caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the release of this film is 100 percent perfectly timed. We all need a laugh right now. And Face The Music is front loaded with comedy that's never adult based or off color. Families can actually watch this one together with no worries of profanity or sexual innuendo. 

Luckily for their audience, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter still have the chemistry that made the first two movies such a blast. 29 years after their first sequel, the Wild Stallyns must once again try to save the planet from certain doom by coming up with a world saving song. Apparently, it didn't really work the first time around and they must repeat another time crossing journey that sees another appearance of Death (William Sadler) and a pair of daughters that nearly steal the show from the title characters. Of course they're joined by a set of legendary musicians that assist them in their quest for ultimate rock and roll glory. 

Growing up in the '80s it's easy to remember the innocent nature of Bill and Ted as they previously faced certain doom and a bevy of historical characters. This time around they're joined by the lovable Samara Weaving and the hilarious Brigette Lundy-Paine as their copycat daughters. Resting firmly on pitch perfect impersonations of their on screen dads, the two female leads are an absolute delight to watch together. Sharing the same physical mannerisms, dude talk, and most excellent line delivery, these two shine bright and honestly deserve their own spin off movie. I'm not giving you any ideas, Hollywood. But it would be an interesting way to carry on this franchise if the namesake players choose to bow out of a fourth go round.

It's always interesting when a franchise comes back years later. It can go so many different ways. Either it's a total misfire. It's just mediocre. Or it lacks the feeling we got when we first met the characters we know and love. Bill and Ted Face The Music goes for the gusto with a director and actors that just wanted to make something totally whacked out and goofy. Seeing these guys a little bit older and still doing the same things is a reminder of how we all need to remember our youth and remain connected to it. Bill and Ted get to see their future and their past through the eyes of their daughters. Plus they get to relive the highlights of better days as their time traveling phone booth appears to help them save the planet from a cataclysmic time engulfing event. 

Sure, the end gets a little cheesy and the script is definitely messy. But this is a sweet as sugar movie that has some excellent visual effects, some new characters and a solid message about getting older. It's easy to do the critical thing and point out everything wrong with the movie (because there's a lot of it), but it's easier to understand what they were aiming for. And it's also nice to say good job to Reeves and Winter for knowing it was time to get the band back together. Tonight I'm thankful for Face The Music. It's a righteous little gem exactly when it was really needed.