Not So Wonderful: Wonder Woman 1984 and Dune Could Be Delayed

Another day, another potential pandemic delay. You pretty much know how it goes by now. Some major release has been delayed indefinitely while theaters and audiences are terrified by what is happening in the world around them. Studios have mostly rescheduled their big tent pole releases. They are hoping that world is able to go see movies on the big screen at some point soon.While most of the big blockbusters have been delayed, Wonder Woman 1984 and Dune have held on firm to their 2020 release dates. 

Last week, we reported that Christopher Nolan's Tenet will be having a bigger international roll out than the limited roll out set to happen in the States. A week prior to Tenet, Inception will be celebrating it’s tenth anniversary with a theatrical re-release. Given that the re-release of Interstellar set the biggest single day gross in China since the start of the pandemic, we can imagine these two releases will be very big for Warner Brothers.  

Warner Brothers has been following the wait and see approach considering their big releases, using Tenet as a guinea pig to see what a blockbuster looks like in the pandemic times. If Tenet manages to put enough butts in seats and make enough money, we can suspect that they will stay the course and release both of these this year. If Tenet belly flops and lands on digital after all of this huffing and puffing about it's release, that would not be so great for cinemas and for Warner Brothers. If that happens, something tells us that Wonder Woman and Dune will be sitting on a shelf for a while longer.