Piracy Pandemic: Christopher Nolan's Tenet Footage Leaks Online Prior to Release

The studio's greatest fears are starting to come true. Christopher Nolan's release of Tenet has been pushed back due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and looks to be a massive hit once it releases. Initially set for a July release, Warner Bros. has done everything in their power to secure the movie and to make sure that footage doesn't leak online. But ultimately they've failed at protecting the Nolan film. With dates still being moved around, WB has discovered that bits of the movie have already begun to fall victim to piracy. The prologue which is being released with the 10 year anniversary of Inception has found its way to numerous Torrent sites. The studio has issued several take down notices to get the footage pulled from the internet but they've not been as successful as they had hoped. Apparently, they've also contacted Google to have stored data removed from Drive. 

Piracy has been a major concern since they said they were going to do a staggered release with some foreign markets receiving the film prior to a U.S. release. It seems that their worst nightmares are becoming real life as their intellectual property seems to be playing right into the hands of people that want to pirate their movies. WB needs to find a way to get a foothold on this problem. Because if they don't, they're going to lose major profits on Tenet.