Remember, Remember: V For Vendetta Gets a 4K Exclusive Gift Set

With no official release date published, it's been announced that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will be releasing an amazing new V For Vendetta 4K Blu-Ray Gift Set that will include movie and much more. This will be the first time that the James McTeigue film will be released in the 4K format. There are very little details released at this point, but this set looks to be one for the ages. 

The 2006 film that centers on a fascist society that echoes many of the political problems our world faces today features an amazing cast that includes Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving and John Hurt. The Wachowski production became an instant cult hit on release but wasn't a major box office miracle by any means. Coming off the successes of their Matrix series, the Wachowskis helped out on the production end of things. Now, we'll finally get a brand new 4K release some time this year. We're betting it will be around November in time for the election.

Check out the set right here and check back for more details as they come in!