Scares Behind Bars: Host Creators Making Prison Horror Next For StudioCanal

With Host becoming a horror phenomenon, the creators behind the movie have now teamed with StudioCanal to bring another vision in terror to the screen. They've signed on to make a new genre film that's said to be The Conjuring behind bars. Director Rob Savage is going to helm the project and writer Jed Shepherd will be handling production duties with Teresa Sutherland scripting the project. They're saying it will be a mix of the prison escape genre blended with haunted house tropes and the claustrophobic feel of The Descent. The movie is currently being fast tracked to get it into production as soon as possible to ride the wave of their success with Host. 

Their latest is aiming for a late 2020/early 2021 shooting date with the biggest budget to date for Savage. His latest, Host was a major success for Shudder and its streaming platform earning great reviews and audience response across the board. With that behind him, he can set his sights on the next film to help fill out his resume. 

They haven't worked out a distribution deal for the movie yet, but are once again looking at Shudder, obviously. Savage made his first full length, Strings  at the age of 17 and has continued to break new ground for himself creatively.