Sci-Fi Chopping Block: Altered Carbon Cancelled At Netflix

After two seasons, Netflix has officially cancelled their most expensive series, Altered Carbon. 

With a first season clocking in with ten episodes and the second being relegated to only eight, the writing was on the wall for the show. Joel Kinnaman starred in the first while Anthony Mackie picked up the lead role for the second year. Due to low viewership and a budget that was skyrocketing, the streaming giant has opted to cancel the series prior to a third season. The show kicked off in February of 2018 and quickly gained a cult following. Unfortunately, the follow up did awful with audiences but had a mixed critical reaction. Netflix also released a spin-off animated film called Resleeved that received a negative response across the board. 

The show which was based on a novel by Richard K. Morgan definitely brought something new to the streamer but ultimately failed to garner the audience like they had hoped for. It never reached the heights of Stranger Things or other original series on Netflix. According to Deadline, a spokesperson for Netflix says this has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic but is strictly due to low viewership and lack of return on their investment.