The Joke's On Us: Fan Art Teases Johnny Depp Joker for Pattinson's The Batman

Just a few days ago we were given the first trailer for Matt Reeves upcoming take on The Batman. This will be another alternate take on the Gotham Knight that will see Robert Pattinson take over the role of Bruce Wayne. The long gestating project was taken from Ben Affleck's hands a couple years ago as things finally began to ramp up on the project. Initially set as the director, Affleck eventually stepped down in all roles related to the film. Matt Reeves took over and the movie started to make some momentum. While this first movie appears to involve several different villains from the gallery of evil doers, a bit of fan art from Boss Logic teases what Johnny Depp might look like in the eventual continuation with another new Joker. Check it out here at The Movie Sleuth.