The Power of Pay Checks Compel You: Morgan Creek Planning Another Exorcist Movie

It's that time again where we finally have a piece of news that isn't about something getting delayed by the Covid-19 crisis. While everything else is slowly starting to reopen, studios are developing and looking into whatever they can make when things get back to normal again. Yep, these stories will keep happening as the world tries to return to normal. Right now, we are looking into Morgan Creek's plans to revive The Exorcist

This news was found buried within the Deadline story how Morgan Creek is producing a new take on Dead Ringers with Rachel Weisz. The article goes on to describe how Morgan Creek has several projects in development including a show for AMC called Stay Tuned and a new theatrical Exorcist movie tentatively set for 2021. This is the first time publicly that the new Exorcist movie has been talked about. 

The franchise has not been on the big screen since 2005. The last major iteration of The Exorcist was a TV show on Fox that ran for two seasons. The show strong reviews from fans and critics but was not a runaway ratings success. It was only a matter of time before someone did something new with this franchise. By the time this comes out, we will be able to fight off demons with holy water, instead of PPE.